Zoning, Planning & Issues

There are a number of property development and zoning issues that have been raised and discussed at meetings of the McBride-Sapperton Residents’ Association. This is a list of some of the issues and their status to date.

If you have any input or corrections on any of the issues or information on a new issue, please advise Catherine and I will update the page.

Zoning on East Columbia St.

Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 6702, 2001 (a bylaw to rezone Sapperton commercial area properties on Columbia Street East on the west side between Braid & Hospital Street and on the east side between Braid and Sherbrooke Streets) was received on 19 Nov 2001, and was given third reading and adoped on 21 Jan 2002. A press release dated 1 Feb 2002 read in part:

“On January 21, 2002, New Westminster’s City Council voted unanimously to amend the zoning bylaw by rezoning both sides of Columbia Street East along the Sapperton commercial corridor. On the east side of the street, the new zoning has increased the maximum number of storeys a building can have from three to four provided that residential units occupy the top two or three floors. Four storey buildings and higher were already permitted on the west side of the street, however previous zoning requirements made it difficult to construct these buildings without first obtaining a development variance permit. The new zoning makes it easier to construct medium-rise buildings on the west side of Columbia Street East by permitting greater densities for buildings containing residential units. In keeping with the vision of New Westminster’s Official Community Plan, this new zoning is intended to facilitate the development of a pedestrian oriented, commercial street with residential units located above. Mayor Helen Sparkes says “I see the Sapperton commercial area as an exciting opportunity for new investment, particularly since the completion of the two new Skytrain stations at Keary Street and Braid Street. I believe that development similar to that on 4th Avenue or Broadway in Vancouver would fit well with the surrounding residential neighbourhood by providing the residents with a dynamic variety of shops and services.”

The City of New Westminster published an interesting paper in early 2002 after the property along East Columbia was rezoned. The Envision Sapperton document summarizes the zoning issue and discusses the then new developments in the area (the Skytrain extension and Sapperton Landing Park).