Heritage Context Study

The City has contracted to Denise Cook Design to undertake a historical context study of our neighbourhood.   The information gathered is to be used by the City to assist in future planning and protecting significant heritage resources.

A workshop is being planned in this area sometime soon.  We will post it here when a date and location are finalized.

An explanation of historical context in regards to New Westminster can be found in the PDF below:

Basic info on historical contexts and themes

An explanation of this study and how residents can help can be found in this PDF below:

New West context introductory board

Basically the Neighbourhood Historical Context questions being asked are:

1. What is your neighbourhood’s heritage? Why is it important?

2. What words best describe your neighbourhood?

3. What do you particularly value about your neighbourhood?

4. What are some of the important features of your neighbourhood? Why are they important? Where are they located?

5. What are some of the big stories or historical themes of the neighbourhood?

6. Do you have any concerns about changes to the neighbourhood?

For more information contact:

Denise Cook BLA BCAHP
Denise Cook Design
764 Donegal Place
North Vancouver, B.C. V7N 2X7
604-626-2710 tel
604-985-5736 fax

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