Lower Sapperton Traffic Calming Initiative

Please note that the RA is not taking a position on whether there should be additional traffic calming, or on types of traffic calming measures.

The RA’s role in this initiative is to advise residents of this opportunity, provide opportunities for neighbourhood engagement, act as a liaison, facilitate a discussion, and, should there be sufficient residents’ support, present any proposal to the City that may emerge from this discussion.

Attached please find an update from the Traffic Calming Working Group and a vision they have proposed for additional traffic calming in Lower Sapperton.

This vision is based on feedback and input from the November 17, 2021, workshop in which many of you participated. Please carefully read through the attached document, envision how these proposed changes might impact you and the neighbourhood, and take the time to fill out the survey to provide feedback by February 4th, 2022.

Lower Sapperton Workshop outcomes PDF
2nd Lower Sapperton Survey Due Feb. 4th

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